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Audio Mixer 6 Channel circuit

Audio Mixer 6 Channel circuitAudio Mixer 6 Channel circuit

The following is a main circuit of the mixer-6 Ch The circuit consists of six input channels. The mono channels are channels 1-4 and 5-6 CH CH, are intended for use by music. The number of input channels you want as she can greatly increase you want.

The output of each channel drives the RV1-6, the level of sound control potesometer. With RV7-12 create the conditions of equilibrium between the two channels (BALANCE). All signal input channels are added at this point two vipers [IC1A-b] for each channel has two trimmer Here TR1-2 to adjust the gain of each IC, adapting the level of the output signal in the level we want. That can be suppressed if you need something and Standard and Poor. The next stage is a three-band equalizer of regulation.

The IC3α-b, are off the table, they want an acre to make a profit and they want to do the essential isolation of the previous stages, with the unit that drives us. For whoever they want to use headphones, there is a classic circuit unit of the headphones around the IC2a-b, which give the output in the JF13. There are also tracks can also optical audio levels, with a stereo level meter.

List component
  • R1-12=4.7Kohms
  • R13-24=10Kohms
  • R25-26=22Kohms .
  • R27-30-34-39=100ohms
  • R28-29-36-37=100Kohms
  • R31-42=10Kohms
  • R32-41=4.7Kohms
  • R33-40=10Kohms
  • R35-38=47ohms
  • RV1....4=47Kohms Log.
  • RV5-6-13=2X47Kohms Log.
  • RV7....12=10Kohms Lin. pot. Log
  • C1....8=10uF 25V
  • C9-11=47pF ceramic or mylar
  • C10-12=47uF 25V
  • C13-14=100uF 25V
  • C15-16=2.2uF 16V
  • C18-21=100pF ceramic or mylar
  • C19-20=220uF 25V
  • TR1-2=4.7Kohms trimmer
  • Q1-3=BD139
  • Q2-4=BD140
  • IC2=NE5532 - TL072
All the Resistors is 1/4W 1% metal film C18-21=100pF ceramic or mylar