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Traffic Light Schematic Diagram

Traffic Light Schematic DiagramTraffic Light Schematic Diagram

This action operates red, amber and blooming LEDs in the absolute adjustment for a audible UK cartage light. The time taken for the complete red – red & amber – blooming – amber adjustment can be different from about 7s to about 2½ annual by adjusting the 1M preset. Some amber LEDs allow afire that is about red so you may accept to use a craven LED.

The 555 astable abuttals provides anxiety pulses for the 4017 adverse which has ten outputs (Q0 to Q9). Each accomplishment becomes aeriform in changeabout as the anxiety pulses are received. Appropriate outputs are accumulated with diodes to accession the amber and blooming LEDs. The red LED is affiliated to the ÷10 accomplishment which is aeriform for the ancient 5 counts (Q0-Q4 high), this saves appliance 5 diodes for red and simplifies the circuit.

Here The Traffic Light Part List :

  • resistors: 470 ×3, 22k, 100k
  • capacitors: 0.1µF, 1µF 16V radial, 10µF 16V radial
  • diodes: 1N4148 ×6
  • LEDs: red, amber (or yellow), green
  • 1M preset, horizontal
  • 555 timer IC, such as NE555
  • 4017 counter IC
  • DIL sockets for ICs: 8-pin, 16-pin
  • on/off switch
  • battery clip for 9V PP3
  • stripboard: 20 rows × 21 holes